upProject, through its team, offers updated information on European financing opportunities, informing and guiding entities in the procedures to access them, accompanying them until the presentation of proposals and, if necessary, offering the rest of services previously explained at the request of the entity, once the proposal is approved and must be implemented, following the rules, regulations and standards of the European Commission or other international financial schemes.


upProject has managed more than 80 projects for financial institutions and investment funds, as well as three CDTi projects, with a total value of assets under management of more than 800 million euros. It has three project management offices.

The Expansion Europe opens this field of action to the international arena, offering its experience and Know-How to those entities that want to take advantage of the financing and co-financing opportunity of the European Funds and Programs for the period 2021 – 2027, as coordinator proposals or as a partner in charge of managing and coordinating them.


In line with the new transversal priorities of the European Commission regarding the Green Deal and the Digital Transition, upProject is positioned as a technological partner with great versatility of services related to the design and development of software, applications, platforms, etc. … that facilitate not only the management of the project but the visibility, communication and dissemination of it.


Established as a technology company, with Spanish headquarters in Murcia (Torre Expomurcia) and in the Alicante Digital District (https://distritodigitalcv.es/), conceived as its own technology UPICUS INFORMATION and MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (https: //www.upicus .com / in / home /) is a management system that is designed to be adapted by the managing entity, partner or client to their way of carrying out their work. It allows the creation of work models, multilevel monitoring and control systems, integration in all types of devices, control and management of non-compliances, risks, direction and monitoring of projects, etc.… Each user can organize different workspaces according to position and needs.


In line with the visibility required by the European Commission and other international financial schemes, in cooperation with the Marketing Department, Communication and Dissemination Plans are designed according to the criteria and requirements of the projects launched, complemented with the creation of the visual identity of the project and all the elements related to it, as well as the management on the internet and in social networks of the activities, products and events related to the project.

Europe Expansion

In 2020, the Europe Expansion Department was created, made up of a multidisciplinary, intercultural and versatile team of professionals, with more than 20 years of experience in managing projects financed and co-financed by the European Commission and other international financial schemes.

Some of our

Projects, Tenders y Experience

In recent years, upProject has received funding from the CDTi for the following projects:

EPICUS: a definitive platform that allows you to react to the effects of any virus and other possible health contingencies or other types of catastrophes.

UP NEWTECH: improvement of the quality systems and scalability of the platform, making it more adaptable and powerful for the user, adding route control, connection with “Smart Glass” and a comprehensive financial control system. Gamification and automatic detection of user profiles are enhanced.

UPICUS: software for project management and direction. The visual thinking approach is used as the main tool to interact with the user, in order to improve their user experience. In addition, it offers a friendly and intuitive interface and increases usability.

H2020 – inDEMAND

Digital health solutions with high chances of success because they have been proposed and developed in conjunction with health organizations. inDemand is a new model in which organizations and healthcare companies co-create Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of regional public funds.


P0RTS 4.0

“Development of a tourist intelligence tool for cities, combining various technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Geolocation and others) to enhance the experience of cruise passengers during their disembarkation”.

The Plan to Promote Entrepreneurship for Innovation in the Port Sector “Ports 4.0” is part of the Innovation Plan for Transport and Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda in order to incorporate, quickly and effectively, innovation to the transport and logistics sector. A plan aimed at strengthening investment in knowledge, growth and competitiveness in the country, framed in the Spanish Strategy for Science and Innovation 2013-2020 and in the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.




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